About Us

There is many ways to be impressed by something.

As we grow up in life, we are impressed less often than what we used to do.

How often do you get impressed?

Us humans in a world where our creativity is clouded by social media, we spend more time on looking at other people’s lives rather than developing ourselves. Not getting our projects done (sigh) it’s a reality that we can not hide but we all have been there.

This idea of Moving Inkblot Masks is born from a time where I had some complications with my knee and probably too much time on my hand.

Wanting to be impressed by something new and excited to get some projects done, I came up with the idea of learning screen printing and impressed by a movie called Watchmen and it’s popular superhero Rorschach (Walter Joseph Kovacs), I started to do some research and work out ways on how I could create the same effect that this superhero mask displays on the movie.

A few months later I happily developed 6 designs which I think are fantastic, and most of all proud of my success on getting them done.

So don’t forget to focus and get your projects done, you just have to believe on it and execute it.

Please be impressed and impress someone.